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          April 2010            
Free-DebitCard.Net launched its unique affiliate program.

For referring Friends, you can now earn commissions  on 8 levels as an affiliate.

Revolution in Electronic Cash History!

Register and upgrade today. Access your built in Debit Card Business for Free.

Earn thousands from home helping your Downline with our unique Program that pays you for helping others!

Affiliate Program

Free-DebitCard.Net has a built in business for you just for being a Member! If you use your personal and unique referral link and refer others to us, we will pay you referral commissions for your direct referrals and additional 7 levels below of you personally referred Members.  There is no limit on referrals that you can introduce as a direct referral and no limit on the number of referrals within the 7 levels below.

This can be an extreme Income opportunity for you, just for having registered at Free-DebitCard.Net and accessed your freedom to pay and get paid with your All-In-One account!

Below you will see a table of earnings example just for sending your Free-DebitCard.Net referral link to your contacts and most likely they will think the same way of having accessed accidently a great income opportunity and will send their link to their contacts after registering and their freedom to pay and get paid, This is the way how your Free-DebitCard.Net income will start and grow by itself.

You do not have to pay any fees for becoming an affiliate and earning referral commissions with  Free-DebitCard.Net. Just  register, upgrade and send your link to your contacts, that's all it takes to access thousands of Euros/Dollars income withFree-DebitCard.Net!

You can earn with Free-DebitCard.Net as a free member too, this will enable you to earn only for your direct referrals, but  it is not recommendet to register and send your referral link to your contacts before upgrading, since they might be fast and upgrade directly and send their link to their contacts and you will not earn any income on their referrals, and miss out the biggest opportunity in the electronic payment history! By being an upgraded member you will earn in full length and width in 8 Levels. Therefore do not only help others to access their freedom to pay and get paid but  give this freedom to yourself first.

Please check out the link Spam Policy for referring others to Free-DebitCard.Net.

Here is an example of referral earnings with your Free-DebitCard.Net referral link as a Pro-Member:

Levels Number of Referrals     Earnings                    Total
Direct Referrals 5 $5.00 $25.00
1st Level 25 $2.50 $62.50
2nd Level 125 $1.00 $125.00
3rd Level 625 $1.00 $625.00
4th Level 3125 $1.00 $3,125.00
5th Level 15625 $1.00 $15,625.00
6th Level 78125 $1.00 $78,125.00
7th Level 390625 $2.50 $976,562.50


The example above is just for demonstration purpose about how much you can earn by being a Pro-Member and should not be considered a a guaranteed income, since your personal income will be subject to your own efforts and the efforts of your referrals in 7 levels. You can achieve similar income or even more simply because of the possibility to refer more than 5 people as a Pro-Member toFree-DebitCard.Net. If you are involved in home based online business, you already will have more than 5 contacts only and Free-DebitCard.Net is a business opportunity and freedom to pay and get paid that the world has been waiting for.

Your referral earnings will be paid to your All-In-One account 2 times per Month. Commission payments will be processed on 1st and 15th of each Month. Generated commissions  between 1-15th will be paid on the 1st of following Month and for 15-30, you get paid on 15th of the following Month.

You can enjoy your Free-DebitCard.Net referral income freely, withdrawing cash at any ATM worldwide, tansferring to your bank account or spending with your Debit Card from your account or with by secure online purchases.

Register Now - Access Your Financial Freedom Today!


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