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          April 2010            
Free-DebitCard.Net launched its unique affiliate program.

For referring Friends, you can now earn commissions  on 8 levels as an affiliate.

Revolution in Electronic Cash History!

Register and upgrade today. Access your built in Debit Card Business for Free.

Earn thousands from home helping your Downline with our unique Program that pays you for helping others!

Frequently asked Questions:

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy
    protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: How long does it take for my account to be opened and to receive my
     Debit Card?

A: Your account will be opened within 5 minutes upon upgrading your
    account and paying the one-time service fee. After payment, you will be forwarded
    to the account opening page of the issuer and your account is opened and activated 
    with a validation link in the email that you will receive from the issuer. Physical Master
    Debit Card will be delivered to your registered address within 3-5 days when you
    provide the Identity documents such as copy of ID Card, Passport or Drivers license
    and a proof of address to issuer.

Q: Is the service fee payment a one-time payment or is it a subscription with
     recurring payments?

A: The service fee payment is a one-time payment only and there are no recurring
    payments to your Pro-Membership.

Q: Can I earn referral commissions also as a free member?
A: Yes, you can earn referral commissions but only for your direct referral pro members,
    and you will not be able biggest part of the possible referral commissions if you are a 
    free member only. As a Pr-Member, you earn referral commissions on 7 levels below
    your direct referrals on all members referred by the 7 levels below you and this is what 
    makes it possible for Pro-Members to earn up to 1 Million just for referring 5 people to 

Q: How can you afford to pay up to 1Million in commissions to a single member?
A: Free-DebitCard.Net can afford to pay this amount of referral commissions, since we use
    the service fee payments from our Pro-Members, paying 44% from it with $15 in 8 
    Levels from the service fee amount of $35, back to our Pro-Members as a thank you
    gift for spreading the word about our service and not only helping their contacts to 
    have a fully functionable account with physical mastercard and virtual mastercard but
    also helping us to grow in the market with our service. This way; You, Your referrals
    and free win alltogether, which is a win-win-win situation.

Q: how can I get my referral commissions paid?
A: You can request your commission payment directly to your online account that you
    have as a Pro-Member or to your Paypal, Alertpay or to your Moneybookers account.
    Payment to your online account will be instantly and you can access the funds via 
    online, or with your debitcard withdrawing on any ATM worldwide or transfer to any of
    your other bank accounts.

Q: How often do you pay referral commissions?
A: We pay referral commissions twice a month, one on the first of month, and on 15th. 

Q: Is tere a minimum amount which I must earn first to withdraw my earnings?
A: Yes, you can withdraw your earnings as soon as you have a minimum amount of $50
    generated through referring other Pro-Members to

Q: Is there a limit on referring others to as I see 5 in your

A: No, there is no limit in direct referrals. You may refer 10's or 100's to us, and this
    number will be the starting point in your downline and bring even more earnings to you.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of money that I can hold in my account?
A: Yes, and No, the highest account type you can have is Gold, with a Gold card, that will
    allow you to hold 1Million in your account.

Q: I see the term "prepaid" on your site, do I have to load my debitcard?
A: No, although most of the loadeble card providers call their cards "prepaid", your 
    debitcard which you have after becoming a Pro-Member is not a loadeble card, which in
    another words means, any money that you have in your online account is instantly
    available on your debitcard which you can spend on POS' (point of sale) or withdrawing
    on ATM'S. The reason why we call our cards "prepaid" is that the money you spend is
    not a "credit" and you can spend only money which you have in your account.

Q: What do I have to do to open an account?
A: You simply need to register with us and you will be able to your free-debitcard account 
    after verifying your email address. You need to click in the members area the link  
    "upgrade" to become a Pro-Member and after the sucessfull payment of the service fee,
    you will be able to open your account rightaway on the issuers website for your
    MasterCard account and you will be able to use your account immediately upon  
    successfull verification with the verification link for your MasterCard account. You need
    then to send your Identification documents to receive your physical debitcard within 5

Q: How can I refer others to
A: Within the members area when you login, you need to click the link "promotionals" and
    there you will see your unique referral link, send to your contacts only your own link
    and not our main website link. You will also find banners that you can use to place on
    your blogs or if you have on your website.

Q: How do you track my referrals and know that they are reffered by me?
A: When your contacts click on your referral link or your banner they will be assigned 
    to you automatically
on our system, where they will see "your name" as the "sponsor"
    when they register and they cannot change during the registration. You can test this
    functionality when you login to your account, and copy your referral link and send it to
    one of your own email address and click on this link on another computer and you will
    see your name as the referrer when you click "register" on another computer. On 
    another computer because we use secure tracking codes for your security so your
    referrals cannot get lost and they will be able to register only with your referral ID once
    opened our site with your referral link.

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