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          April 2010            
Free-DebitCard.Net launched its unique affiliate program.

For referring Friends, you can now earn commissions  on 8 levels as an affiliate.

Revolution in Electronic Cash History!

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Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

Free-DebitCard.Net maintains a ZERO tolerance anti-spam policy towards the sending of unsolicited Spam emails. Spam email is defined as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). In the event that you send Spam email to users without their permission, you risk immediate cancellation of your account and forfeiture of all contacts in that account. As a Free-DebitCard.Net member, you understand that Free-DebitCard.Net neither condones nor tolerates the sending of unsolicited or spam email by its members. You understand and acknowledge that:

  • You are solely responsible for mail received and/or sent on your behalf.

  • Free-DebitCard.Net will immediately terminate your service and charge you a $500 clean-up fee for violating this Spam Policy.

  • Free-DebitCard.Net reserves the right to take legal action against any member found violating this Spam Policy.

  • You will not be eligible for a refund when you have violated the Free-DebitCard.Net Spam Policy.

In the event that you have received Spam from a Free-DebitCard.Net account, or any other sender that has sent you Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) offering Free-DebitCard.Net products or services, please notify Free-DebitCard.Net by sending a notice to


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